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To help you make the right choice in choosing Tim Sheeran Driver Training as your training provider please take the time to read some of the previous pupils comments below.

Learning to drive with tim was a pleasure, he was always clear and concise with instructions, never raised his voice, or lost his patience with me. I especially felt safe at all times and never pushed to do anything I was not comfortable with and I would recommend him to anyone. Passed my test the first time and I look forward to doing pass plus with him.



“Would thoroughly recommend Tim, gets you test ready but by making you a good driver not just ticking boxes! Plus has a laugh too”


Tim is a quality driving instructor! I started driving again with Tim after over year of stopping driving with my previous instructor and couldn't have dropped any luckier. I looked forward to my driving lessons with Tim where as I used to dread them with my old instructor. Tim gave clear and useful feedback at the end of each lesson, letting me know at what stage I was at and quickly got me to driving test standard.

Would fully recommend him to anyone, he's a great teacher and a good laugh. Though I'm a little gutted he never got his wig out for me!


I would highly recommend Tim to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He is a very patient and calm instructor that let’s you go at your own pace. He is very encouraging especially when you feel that you’ll never get the hang of it! If he can get me through it he can get anyone through it. I’ll definitely be back for the Pass Plus (and the terrible jokes!)


I miss this car! Tim was a great driving instructor, very supportive, helped with both theory and practical work and allowed me to pass my test as quick as possible! He was never late to a lesson and was so patient! I would fully recommend him!.


Tim is a brilliant instructor, always managed to put me at ease so I wouldn't panic about driving or mistakes I made; not even stalling on a mini roundabout on test day would have fazed me (not that I did that, honestly...).

The lessons were good fun and I was surprised at how much and how quickly I learnt (and that I passed first time). Tim's very pedagogical, patient and perceptive, and no question is too stupid. Thank you!!


I came to Tim lacking confidence and not having driven for two years. His unique brand of humour (poor jokes and the occasional wig) entertainingly interspersed the instruction and made lessons much more enjoyable and relaxed.
Thank you very much for you continual patience and support.


Tim is an amazing driving instructor.
I honestly looked forward to ALL of my driving lessons with him. I felt comfortable and in control and positive about my ability to drive...he's also a good laugh too. ”


I can’t speak highly enough of Tim and can honestly say I have learnt from the best. From day one of starting to drive I never felt as though I couldn’t do something, as lessons were at a comfortable pace introducing different things in stages as my ability and confidence grew stronger. Tim is reliable, flexible, has a cracking sense of humour and always makes time to answer any questions you may have. Highly recommend  to everyone.


Tim is an absolutely brilliant instructor, from day one he was very good at making me feel calm and confident behind the wheel. Tim has a very laid back approach to teaching and that really helps in those first few weeks when things are a bit nervy. I was progressed at a pace that was appropriate to me and Tim would let me set achievable goals each week. I was able to pass my test first time because Tim helped me to work on my weaknesses and develop my strengths. I would definitely recommend Tim to anybody wanting to learn how to drive.


Tim was my second driving instructor and I am so glad I chose him to learn with. When I first started learning to drive with him I would get so nervous I cried at the slightest thing and had absolutely no confidence in myself. But Tim was really supportive and helped me so much. He really seemed to understand how I was feeling and never made me feel silly for being so nervous.  He always explained things I needed to improve on and the reasons why.  I really liked that he pushed me a little bit to make sure I progressed but never made me do anything that I was not capable of. Tim gave me loads of help on dealing with my nerves and passing both my theory and practical tests. All his lessons were fun and I could really see how much I was progressing. He always picked me up on time and never dropped me off early. I don’t think I would be such a good driver or enjoy driving as much as I do now if Tim had not taught me. I honestly could not speak higher of him and will miss my driving lessons a lot. I would recommend him to anyone learning to drive as he really cares about his pupils and what’s in their best interest.


Tim’s quirky sense of humour and morbid jokes make light of any difficult or unusual situation you find yourself in, an expert at keeping his cool and making you feel relaxed, he is a more than a brilliant instructor. Whether you’re nervous, confident, a brain box or a bit dense (let’s not mention the keys again Tim), male female or somewhere in between, Tim will tailor his lessons and his conversation to your needs.

I would suggest anyone hoping for enjoyable light hearted lessons with no pressure but a fast noticeable improvement choose Tim, every lesson was better than the last and the first one was pretty damn good to start with.

Gonna miss you Tim, hopefully be back soon for some refreshers and a catch up!

Cheers again Tim! cant thank you enough. :)


Thanks very much for all your help with my driving. If i was to recommend any driving instructor it would be Tim, he is excellent at what he does and was a great help to me. Cant thank you enough. Again thank you


Tim is a fantastic driving instructor. From my very first lesson right up until I passed my driving test, Tim was incredibly patient and put my nerves at ease. I was terrified about learning to drive but after one lesson with Tim I felt calm and relaxed about learning to drive. His great sense of humour also put my nerves at ease and I began to really enjoy my lessons each week.

Tim gave me great knowledge and skills about learning to drive in a fun but informative way. I will miss my Saturday lesson with Tim each week but am very grateful to him for being a patient, calm and fun driving instructor who provided me with the skills and knowledge to pass my driving test - something I could never have imagined doing!


Tim is patient, approachable and extremely knowledgeable with all things driving. There wasn't a single question hesitated in answering, even the one I asked about what action to take if the car broke down on the dual carriageway during my test! in case your wondering call the AA and Tim will refund your test fee. sorted!

I would undoubtedly recommend Tim to anyone especially those who may be lacking confidence or have nervous tendencies when driving.

one side note though, Tims unique sense of humour is a potential deal-breaker.... someone buy buy the man a new joke book.

Thank you Tim for helping me climb and conquer what seemed to me as an impossible mountain of learning to drive!


Tim: “Someone did buy me a joke book! where do you think all those jokes come from?”

If you're reading these testimonials and think: this is too good to be true… it's not. Tim is an excellent driving instructor. Probably the calmest instructor on this planet (even if you drive into the wrong side of the road on a big junction). 

When I started I was really looking forward to my driving lessons and he didn't disappoint. I still love driving and that's especially due to Tim's relaxed and well organised lessons. Not only does he prepare you very well for the test, but he also makes sure he delivers a safe and competent new driver into this world. Again, I couldn't recommend him more! Thanks for the great lessons Tim!


“I had never driven a car before I started my lessons and was extremely nervous, Tim made it a very easy experience and did everything at a pace that suited me and left no stone unturned in the build up to my test. Each lesson provided me with the confidence, information, advise and everything I needed to pass but in a relaxed environment which put me more at ease on the day. He made me feel I could and himself had every faith that I could do it. Thank you I couldn't of asked for a better instructor what am I going to do with my Saturday afternoons now driving won't be the same without you.”


Tim is an excellent driving instructor, he explains everything very clearly. He is relaxed and friendly, lessons are laid back creating a good learning environment. Tim has been recommended to everyone in my group of friends, all of whom have taken lessons with him and have now passed their tests, the majority of them the first time.


Although I was comfortable driving I was struggling to pass the practical test due to crippling nerves and having failed fourteen times was ready to give up. As a last ditch attempt I decided to try a new instructor and found Tim. I sailed through the test and therefore cannot praise him highly enough.


“I passed my Driving test today and I learnt with Tim, can highly recommend!!! Thanks for all the help, support and the laughs, have really enjoyed learning with you.”


Tim has been an excellent instructor. From the very first lesson Tim put me at ease and from that lesson onwards I looked forward to improving every lesson and laughing at Tim's terrible jokes! He is patient, calming, informative and reliable. I cannot recommend Tim enough.


As I'd never driven a car before I was pretty nervous about learning. Tim's lessons were well structured and went at a pace I was comfortable with, we had a laugh or three which quickly put me at ease. I felt in every lesson he did his best to ensure I had the right skills, attitude and core knowledge to become a good driver and passing first time is testament to his excellent instructor capabilities and I will recommend him to anyone wishing to learn.
Thanks Tim!


Tim was a very patient and helpful instructor. I had never been behind the wheel of a car before and was very nervous, but Tim’s lessons were always very relaxed and enjoyable. He always had a laugh and put me at ease. He gave me a lot of encouragement and help.
Thanks Tim!


Having failed my test three times with another well known driving school, I was recommended to Tim by a friend who had just passed her test. Right from my first lesson Tim explained where I was going wrong and I went on to pass with just 3 minors.


My Saturday mornings won't be the same without your interesting stories and jokes. Tim is patient, friendly and helpful, he clearly explains all you need to know to become a safe driver. I never expected to pass, let alone pass first time and he deserves some of the credit.


Tim is a very friendly, reliable and patient instructor - I'd never driven a car in my life before I got in the car with him but he put me at ease and was very encouraging at all times. The lessons are relaxed and informal and can be worked around your schedule. Overall I had a great experience learning with Tim and will be doing pass plus with him soon! Highly recommended.


What can I say, excellent instructor, calming, patient, informative, helpful and supportive.
Thanks Tim ”


“I would thoroughly recommend Tim as a driving instructor. I had previously failed my driving test, but after starting lessons with Tim, he helped me to build my confidence as a driver and I recently passed my test! I really enjoyed my lessons with Tim. He's a really friendly guy and seems to really care about and enjoy his job. Thank you Tim!


A really good friendly instructor who is honest, fair and reliable, works to your own individual pace with plenty of laughs along the way. I would recommend Tim to everyone.


If you want someone who really cares about what he’s doing, you should learn with Tim. His explanations are always coherent and easy to follow, his calm composure at all times will put you at ease even in stressful situations and his dedication never falters. I truly enjoyed learning to drive and would readily recommend Tim to anyone else. Thank you!


I was a very nervous pupil but thanks to Tim's calming influence and wicked sense of humour I passed my test first time with only 3 minors. Looking forward now to pass plus. Thanks Tim, I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.


I failed once before in my old home town and my confidence was down. I found Tim on the internet and pretty soon my confidence was very high. I passed on my first test with Tim. Very highly recommended.


Excellent teacher !!


Having failed my driving test a number of times (an embarrassing 4) I thought a clean slate with a new driving instructor was required. Tim gave me the confidence and guidance that I lacked before, allowing me to finally pass. His easy nature and strategy of gathering information no longer made driving lessons the dreaded part of my week. I was reluctant to take a fifth test with nerves becoming a major obstacle, but Tim’s relaxation techniques allowed me to approach the test with a new found sense of confidence. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Tim for your help.


Just to say a BIG thank you for helping Dan pass his driving test. He really enjoyed taking lessons and I believe you gave him the confidence which he was lacking before, I just wish we had contacted you sooner. Dan will highly recommend you to all of his friends who wish to learn to drive in York. Once again thank you.


I never knew learning to drive was so easy and could be so much fun, thanks to Tim. He really is a great guy and has such a laid-back approach to driving, and is very convenient for pick ups and dropping off. I had great fun learning with Tim.


Tim Sheeran was an amazing driving instructor. He is very friendly. He made the most of our time together and really got me prepared for the test. I passed and am very thankful for my lessons with Tim. Thank you very much!


I can't speak highly enough of Tim Sheeran, he helped me so much with my driving. I had previously failed a test with a different instructor in Somerset. I moved to York and found Tim's website very helpful and professional. The website reflects the man himself! I'm delighted to say that I passed earlier this month with 4 minors - my first attempt with Tim and second in total. I'd suffered terrible nerves during my previous test and found my driving instructor could be abrupt and impatient. Tim made me feel at ease every lesson, gave me confidence in my own abilities and had me crying with laughter every lesson. A top instructor and a top person, whom I have recommended to others and will continue to do so! If you want to pass and enjoy the experience, this is where to learn!


Learning to drive with Tim has been a very enjoyable experience. He gave me the confidence and skills to not only pass my test (first time!!), but to also be a safe and competent driver. I would highly recommend him to all of my friends as he would be fantastic for nervous learners or those with some experience. His lessons were very reasonable, worth every penny and he even managed to make them good fun..


I was a very nervous driver - lots of very girl-ish noises when I thought I might be about to hit something! Tim is unbelievably calm and patient and I never once saw him white knuckled which is quite an achievement considering how I used to drive!

I would [and have] recommended him to all my friends learning to drive. I passed my test with 4 minors [much to my friends and families disbelief!] -I know this is entirely down to Tim's chilled out approach and thorough teaching methods...VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Thanks Tim, after failing 4 times 7 years ago in a different area with a different instructor to pass first time now in just a few months after taking up driving again was a great relief and must say a lot for the teaching methods used.


Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and support.


The training and support I received was excellent, the delivery of the lessons made the learning process a lot easier, just what I needed to help build my confidence. Thanks


Tim was right learning to drive was much easier than I thought it would be, everything was explained clearly right from the start. Highly recommended.


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